At Duke Capital Advisors, we pride ourselves on transparency with our investors and borrowers.

You’re kept up-to-date and informed on any investment decision regarding your capital. The phone lines are always open. You’ll receive a detailed quarterly update and an annual report for bookkeeping and tax reporting.

Your initial investment can be as small as $50,000 or as large as many millions of dollars.

Regardless of how much you invest, you will find yourself investing alongside of other institutions and wealthy individual investors. As a result, you will benefit from the high returns with significantly reduced risk that our investment criteria are structured to deliver with remarkable consistency.

We specialize in opportunistic lending in real estate assets where the value of the asset more than covers the amount of the investment, so risk is structured away from you from the outset. Even if the borrower defaults, we acquire the asset and sell it at a profit. Of course, we also reduce risk by careful evaluation of the asset that will secure the loan, as well as the credentials of the borrower.

When you invest with us, you’ll be investing in the same assets we select to invest in ourselves. These may be residential or commercial properties. What they all have in common is the very high likelihood of producing outstanding returns with greatly reduced risk.

Our goal is to deliver an average annual yield to our investors of at least 10% — and often substantially more.

No. Our team of seasoned real estate experts handle all the research, due diligence, underwriting, legal and operational aspects of each loan. You simply enjoy the returns.

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