Investing in Hard Money

Your Premier Center For Responsible, Risk Averse Private Capital Placement

Are you looking for healthy and consistent returns on your real estate investment…without the hassle of owning, landlording, managing, renting, or leasing a single property?

You’re in the right place. Duke Capital Advisors is the premier hard money lender for prime residential and commercial assets.

In today’s economic environment, you already know how challenging it is to locate investments with high yields and low risk. Equities are volatile and fraught with risk, while the usual safe investments–such as bonds and CD’s–are encumbered with persistently low interest rates.

All things being equal, private investors may be better served by small, unlisted, private partnerships than by global, publicly listed, full-service investment firms.

Our investors appreciate that we provide a more intimate form of money management. It gives them more control over the transactions they choose to participate in and insulates them from external shocks common in publicly traded companies.


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