Excellence, plain and simple.

Put your mind at ease. All lending decisions are made in-house…without emotion and without depending heavily on so-called “market speculation.”

The investment MUST make financial sense…regardless of what happens in the market. The goal is to minimize your risk, reduce exposure, and maximize profits to ensure a sound, healthy investment.

Here are just a few of the guidelines and protocols we use PRIOR to investing capital:

Loan Sourcing

  • Proprietary network of industry contacts
  • Experienced acquisitions team
  • Exclusive “first look” off market funding opportunities


  • A “bottom up” approach focused on critical fundamentals
  • Target investments with a clear, identifiable exit strategy
  • Intimate understanding of local markets

Due Diligence

  • Property appraisal
  • Market analysis
  • Demographics
  • Growth and feasibility

Fundamental Analysis

  • The debt
  • The equity
  • The cashflow
  • The property

Ongoing Monitoring

  • Hands-on management
  • Portfolio reviews…weekly, monthly, quarterly
  • Downside protection by providing low loan to value
  • First lien position on solid assets with solid fundamentals

Regular Investor Updates

  • Investor notified whenever a decision is made affecting the asset
  • Quarterly newsletter
  • Annual report

Risk Management

  • Committee approval for objectivity on vetting each investment
  • Ongoing monitoring of assets and markets
  • Legal team ensures marketable and insurable title
  • Review of holding period and exit strategy
  • Terms of loan initiation
  • Strong borrower focus
  • Frequent portfolio review

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